Upcoming Mentor Orientations

Our next scheduled orientation is:

Date:            Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Location:     Spalding Senior Center Conference Room       

For groups of 5 or more, additional orientation trainings are available.  Contact the program coordinator to schedule a convenient time for your group.  

Email kathy@spaldingcollaborative.com 

Call 678-603-1698

Upon application approval, an invitation for the Mentor Orientation will be emailed.  Check the invitation for exact dates, times, and locations.  

Please RSVP for the training time that is convenient for you


Upcoming Trainings & Events

Come meet fellow mentors!
Location TBA
January 2019

Stewards of Children Training 


This training is designed to teach adult members of the community how to recognize and react responsibly to instances of child sexual abuse.

The $15 cost of the training will be paid for mentors by the Healthy Children Strategy Team through the Spalding Collaborative.

If you have ideas for future events, please let us know by using the Contact Us link above.  Your suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!