Mentor Tips & Tools

The reward you will receive from mentoring will be unprecedented. However, as with most rewards in life, it may not come without challenge. Building a relationship with any individual will lead you down new paths that may at times be uncharted territory. If (and when) this happens, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. After your initial training and orientation, mentors are convened for periodic Mentor After Hours for networking, sharing and/or in-service opportunities. We are always happy to offer support to our mentors, and chances are someone else has had a similar experience before you.

Below you will find several resources that may assist you as you build a relationship with your mentee. Also, you may use the “Contact Us” link above for specific issues that arise.

In 2012, Georgia Code Section 19-7-5, which mandates the reporting of child abuse and neglect, was revised to include volunteers as mandated reporters. It is now required that all persons who volunteer in Georgia's public schools receive training that includes the necessary procedures for reporting the abuse or neglect of a child.

The mandatory mentor orientation that is provided by the Griffin-Spalding County Mentor Program includes the training needed to meet the requirements of Georgia Code.